Why I love my $100 garbage can!

I never realized how much I’ve hated my interaction with every kitchen garbage can I’ve had until my wife brought home a $100 garbage can.

Most kitchen garbage cans are flat out designed poorly and cheaply made. You either have to touch the lid to open them, step on a pedal mechanism that eventually stops working or tips the whole can over when it’s not full. Now add a toddler to the mix! They don’t have the patience for the pedal and the last thing you want them touching is the garbage can lid. For one, they touch everything. For two, even with training, they could quickly forget to wash their hands, start playing with toys, or dive their little fingers into their snack bowl.

And, you know what comes next, a sick toddler. If you don’t have kids, then you might not understand. But, even if you have nieces and nephews, people with children know that one sick kid could lead to the whole house getting sick!

So now, to get to the story, my wife strolls in the house and says I got a new garbage can. She says it opens automatically. I was intrigued because I was thinking, I didn’t even know those existed.  So, I naturally ask how much did that cost? And, she reluctantly said $100? I think I almost spit out whatever I was drinking and said a hundred who?  To which she replied, you heard right $100. So, now I really had to see it because I’m thinking this thing better walk outside and empty itself too! If this isn’t coolest garbage can I’ve ever seen, it’s definitely going back.

So she opens the box, puts the batteries in and demonstrated by the mere waving of a hand, it will open up for you! While it was less than what I was expecting, I’ve fallen in love with only having to touch the can when it needs to be emptied.

But, that’s not even the best part. We watched our son walk into the kitchen the next morning and he made a new discovery. Upon seeing the new can, he said “ooh what’s this?” with such delight. As he approached to touch it, the lid quickly flipped up to which he exclaimed “Look…it opened…it opened my Mom!

And for that reaction, it was worth the $100 alone.  I wish I would have video taped that moment so I could share it with you but it will just have to live on through this story.

Thanks for reading! If you want to find out more info on the can we bought, click the link below!

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