When You Get A Warning from An Engineer…You Should Listen…

Distater always strikes when government choose to kick the proverbial can down the road. An engineering report done over 20 years ago warned that the reservoirs built in 1940’s didn’t have the capacity to protect some 25,000 homes and businesses that had since been developed in the Houston Area. What would have cost $400 million back then, would probably cost about $600 million today. Take the difference and add to the projected $1.8B recovery effort, they could have solved a $2 billion dollar problem for $400 million, saved lives, and not shut down an entire city.

NFL Player JJ Watt has raised over $21 Million in his effort to raise funds tor flood victims. Donate to JJ Watts Flood Relief Fund by clicking “I want to give!”


*Reference article:

Engineers 20 years ago warned of flooding risk in Houston area

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