The Young Offense That Could

Last week, Jordan Howard said it best, “Cincinnati didn’t know whether we were running or passing.” It’s a big indication that led to the question that everyone was asking themselves after the game….where have these guys been? The answer…RIGHT HERE THE WHOLE TIME….


Being a predictable, one dimensional offense with vanilla play calling has killed our hopes for yet another season. Just because you expect growing pains, doesn’t mean you should try avoiding them at all costs. I don’t know if it was Loggains. I don’t  know if it was Fox. But, it should not have taken 6 games from their last win for the coaching staff to come up with an effective game plan that fit the strengths of our young offensive core AND our new franchise ROOKIE quarterback.


What makes it even more frustrating is that we have the talent, we even have the plays, but we couldn’t figure out the right sequence of play calling to create offensive momentum? For too many games the order in which plays were called stifled the offense’s progress, put them in tougher situations, and made it more difficult for Trubisky to be effective.  For the guys who put in the work, week in and week out especially our receivers, it has to eat away at their football soul for so many people to say that we don’t have a receiving core all because there are no big names on our roster. How would you know with a minimum number of targets? Our receivers have been playing football their whole lives JUST like everyone else in the league.   Kendall Wright proved that last Sunday.


Games like this past Week’s give us hope and a strand of faith to hold on to as Bears fans. A glimpse into the future if you will. Our rookies…are the future. Trubisky (271 yds, 112 passer rating, TD pass and a TD run), Tarik (season high 80 yards rushing, 131 total yards), Shaheen (career high 4 catches 44yds and a TD), Eddie Jackson (2 key takeaways, an interception and a strip forced fumble & recovery) on his birthday no less. As fans, we have been waiting for a team that embodies what it means to be one of the charter franchises in the NFL.


The Bears have the best fans because we buy in emotionally. The teams that have the most success in the NFL… buy in EMOTIONALLY. They buy in to their leader on the field, their QB. They buy in to the coach. They buy in to the history and the tradition of the franchise. They whole heartedly buy in to the brotherhood and the desire to fight side by side for every down, every yard, every inch. They put all their emotional chips on the table every week.


John Fox will likely get pushed out of the plane as the offense makes its ascent to 10,000 feet probably without a parachute. We as Bears fans will be left wondering when we will be rewarded for our loyalty and kept complacent with seeing flashes of greatness.


In fact, I hate that expectations are so low that a single win feels like  the best thing since the second coming of Jesus. I hate that expectations are so low that we will most likely endure the gerbil drip of having to go from single wins, to a winning record, to a playoff appearance, to a playoff win, to going to the Super Bowl sometime in the distant future???


I only hope that Ryan Pace continues his draft success and can find more diamonds in the rough that can compliment the players we already have. We are at the beginning of our offensive transformation and I’m hoping whatever coaching staff that comes in here can develop a scheme that can maximize the potential of our young players.


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