Open Letter To Any Self Made Billionaire That Will Listen…

If you are sitting somewhere paranoid…woried about loss of wealth, wondering what the world really makes of you, or even quietly gloating in the essence of being a billionare bad ass, STOP for ONE moment! Let me first commend you on building a life of financial abundance in one lifetime. While I may not have your physical wealth, I understand what it means to live in a world of abundant possibilities.

If you’ve spent any time thinking about whether to continue what you’ve been doing (make a bunch of money and leave it to your heirs), becoming a philanthropist (giving away most of your fortune), or a becoming a politician, let me save you some time. There’s only one option that will truly leave you fulfilled. Can you guess? It’s none of these, but I will reveal it at the end of this letter.

I’m writing this letter to YOU because I believe that ANYTHING is possible. Ideas are what create the future. If we are fortunate enough to be alive at the same time, then the only thing that can stop us from doing something great together would be our assumptions or fears about one another.

Quoting the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he said “People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they HAVE NOT communicated.”

So right now, I’d like to take a moment to make my case for what I see as the fate of American Society.

I have an epic solution that will eliminate much of the violence in CHICAGO (WHICH IS NOT A POLICE ISSUE) and other cities throughout America. A plan to rebuild America physically, while strengthening some of our key weakneases. And, we can do this with the same virulence and passion that the founding fathers had when they risked their lives for our county’s independence. For a long time I wondered, how a small group of men motivated themselves and developed the courage needed to do whatever it took, EVEN RISK DEATH, to free our nation. And then it became crystal clear, because they knew that it was the only way to develop this country AND protect our soverignty. You couldn’t put a price tag on controlling our own fate then and I  can all but guarantee that NO ONE can imagine how different the world would be without America’s fighting spirit, our innovations, and our passion for protecting the liberty of free & developing nations.

As Americans, we have come to a point in time where we can no longer afford to be a country that CAPITALIZES on one another’s misfortune, weakness, ignorance, lack of access, lack of opportunity, lack of ability, and lack of education. Just as easy as we are self destructive, we could just as easily be self sustaining. But the people who represent us seem to be more worried about optics and their own agendas than solving problems that will make us a better country.  So, it’s up to us and the people who really care.

We are a capitalist nation, that operates with now almost 20 trillion dollars in debt while China is turning what were once villages into thriving metropolises and foreign hackers are affecting American business, threatening national security, and potentially influencing our own elections. Our navigation system is malfunctioning. We need to hit the brakes and hit them HARD. We are headed towards a destination we do not want to reach!

To be a capitalist nation and have the majority of our population be financially illiterate, is one of the biggest problems that we face. It should be confronted just as we have literacy or diseases which have no cure. The fact that we can turn on our televisions and find hundreds of channels for sports and other things but only a handful for business and personal finance is a problem. Tech gurus are now saying artifical intelligence is the next big industry to take off. The industry set to create the world’s first trillionaire? How would it really look in 10, 20 or 30 years, us riding around in self driving cars, with computer chips integrated in our bodies, living in 3D printed smart homes, while still being financially illiterate. Are we really becoming a nation of Albert Einstein idiots as he predicted? Where we won’t need to have any specialized skills or knowledge. Where robots and AI programs will represent 50% or more of the American workforce. I guess eventually we won’t even need to dress ourselves, feed ourselves, or think for ourselves either.  The question we need to ask IS…will WE become more primitive the more technology advances? It’s time to figure it out, is this what we really want? We cant afford let it happen this way. We need to be conscious and focused as technology evolves. Now more than ever we need to put our hands back on the steering wheel. What we need is to be a more educated society from top to bottom. Don’t mistake my message as being anti-technology.  Technology has allowed us to thrive and advance as a nation. But, in order to adapt with it, we need to be conscious of it. If we don’t pay close attention, we risk an entire segment of the population dropping off or becoming obsolete one day like a 3 year old computer.

NOW IS THE TIME. We need to hack American minds before someone else does.

I really need one of you to step up and be the modern day Andrew Carnegie in the same way that he encouraged Napoleon Hill to spread his message of financial education, personal acheivement, and success to everyday people. Donating to charities and foundations, naming buildings after yourself are all nice things to do, but they aren’t having a big enough impact.

More of us need to feel like we have a shot at wealth. We need to empower more people to create socially responsible companies worth investing in. WE need to feel like we can move through income classes in one lifetime, so WE ALL can leave something behind for our kids and our families.

Only a small amount of people in history have ever been brave and courageous enough to sustain the drive and motivation necessary to find the solution to a problem that fundamentally shifts the way we live as human beings.

Can I now count on you to be that person? You can single handily have a monumentaul impact on  the lives of millions of families.

Was there ever a time you wanted to be a SUPERHERO?

Well the time is now! We have less time than we think. Can we let go of our fears and if for nothing else, communicate our visions for a better America? A better world?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve developed a multi-phase solution that I feel can do this and I would like to share it with you face to face. If you would like to work through and intermediary, that’s fine too. But, I would need assurances that if you like what you hear, you would be committed to seeing this endeavor through.

Sorry to have to finish this letter like a Craig’s list ad but PLEASE..serious inquiries only!


C. J. Florence

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