In The Bears Version of the Matrix…Is Trubisky The One?

I feel like as a fan and a lifelong season ticket holder, Morpheus (aka Ryan Pace) is standing in front of me asking which pill do I want to take, the orange or the blue.  For many years, us Bear’s fans have tried to figure out what’s going on in the mind’s of the McCaskey family while enduring many seasons of mediocrity. Having watched the New England Patriots go back to the Superbowl nine times (winning 5 of 9 since our last Superbowl win) is a tough pill to swallow, especially considering our history as a Charter franchise. The running story line of us being just a few missing pieces and some good coaching away from a winning team had to at some point give way to pushing the reset button like an old video game system stuck in time.

Having gone undefeated in my one and only year on the chess team for St. Ignatius College Prep (many many years ago), I liken Mitchell Trubisky to one of those rare players who is constantly processing and studying the game in his head even when you don’t realize it. Only time will tell, but if this is true, it puts him in a rare class of quarterbacks that have an advantage given their enhanced situational knowledge and intuition. Trubisky is like that kid in honors classes that can solve the tough problems multiple ways and get to the right answer. This ability is likely putting him much farther ahead than we the fans and maybe even the organization are giving him credit for. Whatever process he picked up for analyzing the game and taking mental reps while sitting on the bench in North Carolina worked.

Mitchell Trubisky has all the components of being a great quarterback in the NFL. He’s got great situational awareness, which will only get better with playing time. He seems more comfortable in the pocket than Jay Cutler ever did. He has a natural timer. If he doesn’t see an open man, he realizes that the play has broken down and he uses his feet to scramble or make a throw on the run. He’s an accurate passer on the run. He knows when to rifle a pass and when to throw with touch.  He puts the ball in a catchable range for the receivers or running backs. He takes what the defense gives him and finds his rhythm. He is learning the strengths and weaknesses of all the offensive weapons and distributes the ball accordingly. Only a quarterback that can figure out how to utilize all his weapons, instead of getting locked on to one or two favorite targets, can maximize Loggains’ offense.

For now, I think we should all lay off criticizing John Fox. Fox wants to win. You don’t think he would love to play Trubisky if he gives the team the best chance to win? The guy didn’t even know they were making the move to select the quarterback until the last minute. Anointing a guy the starter because of his contract value without really knowing if he gives you the best chance to win, isn’t something that coaches do. Right now, Fox has to play his role and deliver this team message that’s been cooked up by Pace to prevent Mike Glennon from becoming a complete head case. And, I don’t want to make it seem like I’m opposed to Pace’s plan. I actually don’t want Tribusky to start until  our offensive line is playing solid and our defense can hold good teams at bay. The absolute worse scenario for Tribusky would be him running for his life on every play, taking a bunch of hits, or putting added stress on the rookie by having to play the come back kid every week.

At this point, all Glennon needs to do is win games. That will temporarily silence all the Trubisky fandamonium for him to start. This would be a good problem for the Bears to have. We’d have a couple quality backups that could still win games if something were to happen to our anointed starting QB. I hope for Glennon’s sake he plays well and doesn’t turn out like a Josh McCown, good as a backup IN THE RIGHT SITUATION but not a starter.

I’ve waited a long time for the Bears to draft a quality quarterback, so I’ll ride with Pace’s plan for this year. But, anything short of a Superbowl and I want Trubisky starting next season.

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