5 Millionaire Habits You Need To Start Before Becoming A Millionaire

  1. Structure your day. Allocate enough time for everything that’s important. A great free tool is Teamwork. It’s free to sign up and track up to 2 projects with unlimited users. I use it to collaborate with family on stuff to do at home or with others for my many side projects.
  2. Delegate. If there something you need to do but don’t know how to, find someone who can. They can likely do it faster and better while you focus on things that you utilize your strengths. I use fivver for a cheap way to outsource things I may need.
  3. Watch your own money. No matter how successful you get, keep an eye on where your money is going! Develop a plan for your money, no matter how small or big your income streams get. Organize your money to accomplish financial goals. Automate bill payment, saving, and investing so you can focus on creating additional streams of income. Ramit Sethi did a great infographic from his book I Will Teach You to Be Rich on how to allocate your funds. I’ve bought a couple of his books but none of his courses even though he sends you like 10 emails a day (exaggeration). Eventually he gets you to buy something. There are a multitude of personal finance websites many of which are ranked here on Wisebread.com. I’m reading Chris Guillebeau newest book, Side Hustle right now and it is providing some great insight into starting a successful side gig while keeping your 9 to 5.
  4. Turn your ideas into gold. The middle class exchanges their time for money while the rich and super rich exchange knowledge and ideas. Even the smallest of ideas can be rewarded with a million or more in annual revenue if executed properly and by leveraging the power of the internet. I can’t wait to read the upcoming book The Million Dollar One Person Business by Elaine Pofeldt.
  5. Read 5 books per month. It has been said many times that the rich read at least 60 or more per books year. I use the kindle app, but I find audible to be the easiest way to get through books, on the train, in the car, walking to work from the train station or at lunch, or just doing stuff around the house.


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