In My Version of the Matrix…Trubisky is the ONE!

This is a follow up article the my first arctic that I wrote about Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears. If you missed it click here.

Robert Greene wrote several books but is most notably known for his 48 Laws of Power book.

As I watch Trubisky develop on the field and off. I am convinced that he is displaying several of Greene’s Laws of Power enroute to becoming the future leader of our beloved offense

Law 4 Always Say Less than Necessary

Trubisky has said the right thing at every media interview, not giving them anything to fuel or even fan the flames of the Trubisky – Glennon controversy. He knows his place. He understands his place. If he get’s more playing time, its the coaches call and he’s grateful.

Law 9 Win through your Actions, Never through Argument

Numbers don’t lie, Mitchell Trubisky has had a higher passer rating that Mike Glennon in every preseason game 103.1, 135.4, 115.4 vs. (112.7 avg) vs. 0.0, 78.2, 105 (70.5 avg). Glennon’s career average quanrterback rating is 84.6. To me, the quarterback rating symbolizes the efficiency in executing the offense. I consider Trubisky’s numbers, consistently over 100, exceptional for a rookie QB new to the NFL with a new playbook. Compared with Glennon’s who displays small, medium, and large numbers like we are ordering french fries from McDonalds. I’m not digging on Glennon, just trying to emphasis the point that there is a lot of variation in his QB rating from game to game.

Law 24 Play the Perfect Courtier

Trubisky has clearly mastered indirection when reporters trying to bait him into saying something that they can use to fuel the quarterback controversy (I know this is the second time I’m saying this). He shys away from taking credit for good play and always gives credit to the O-line, the recivers, running backs, and/or credits his development to help from the other quarterbacks. He always yields to the coaches when asked about decisions regarding the QB position. He never seems flustered no matter which unit of offense he is leading.

Law 30 Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless

Lets go back to preseason game number 3 vs. the Tennessee Titans. Glennon played well the first half of the game, making some great throws and sustaining drives. He showed solid improvement for an offense that expects to rely heavily on the run game to set up the pass when necessary. While I don’t want Glennon having to make a lot of throws on 3rd and long, I think he and the receiving core went a long way to boost confidence that they can get it done.

Now, to make my point about Trubisky. It’s not clear how many starters from Tennessee were still playing defense at the start of the second half. But, the only touchdown bomb that was thrown the entire preaseason was the connection between Trubisky and Tanner Gentry. Trubisky dropped the 45 yard pass effortlessly into fan favorite Gentry’s hands with pinpoint accuracy and with a soft touch like the ball was a colicky baby he was trying to keep asleep while laying it in its crib. I can’t wait to see this dynamic duo rack up the yards and TDs on Sundays.

Law 46 Never Appear Perfect

We all saw after the preseason opener where Trubisky started 10 for 10 leading the team on three scoring drive how much controversy it created?

I think Mitchell is smart enough to know that he needed to step it back. In the next game everybody said he seemed more of a developing quarterback. He appeared more like a rookie and less like a quarterback Golden Child. Glennon played better (but not great) thanks to Tarik Cohen running for 8 yards per carry.

If Mitchell consciously played a little less efficient so that Glennon didn’t look so bad, ladies and gentlemen, he’s the ONE!

If this kid is smart enough to dial back his talents, the future for bears fans and the organization looks super bright. He is showing he knows how to manipulate the laws of power in a complex polictical sports town like Chicago.

When Trubisky takes the helm in concert with our young running backs and a stout defense, I strongly believe we will be making a Super Bowl run before our (approximate) 20 year historical average. Expect to see us in the Super Bowl before 2025! Go Bears!

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